**Kibby and Olive Move to Georgia   (7/28/20)

Author Andrea Cassell once again brings her beloved dog to life in this delightful story about Kibby, a miniature Labradoodle and her sister Olive, a miniature Goldendoodle and their giant move from the state of Kansas to the state of Georgia. There’s nothing miniature about the text and watercolor illustrations that together, introduce young readers to the understandable uncertainties of displacement from what is known and familiar to that which is new and unknown – “Moving taught me a lot about myself….Change can be good.” Kibby fans will relish this third picture book showcasing her new adventures.
Stephen T. Johnson, Caldecott Honor, author and illustrator of “Alphabet City.

**Kibby and Olive Move to Georgia   (6/25/20)
Once again Andrea Cassell has written a book that excites, delights and brings a life lesson into focus. "Kibby and Olive Move to Georgia" is a joyful read about leaving the past and making life wonderful again in a different city with new friends and adventures. This book joins her previous two as a must have for children and classrooms across America.
Rosemarie Jaworski, Retired Principal
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

** Kibby and Olive Move to Georgia  (5/17/20)

Kibby and Olive are sibling dogs who love their life in Kansas. They love running and playing in the wheat fields and sniffing the sunflowers, but most of all they love their friends. Their life is full of all the things they love to do. In their mind, life is perfect the way it is. But then something changes. Their home is packed up and their family moves to Georgia. Suddenly they are in a new place that doesn’t feel like home, everything is different. The dirt is red, the trees are pine, and it seems that dogs are nowhere to be found. As their home gets unpacked and they settle into their new life, Kibby and Olive realize that even though they are not in Kansas anymore, Georgia has things they will soon grow to love. They roll in the red dirt, they ride on the golf cart with dad, they eat peaches in a grassy orchard, and they make new friends in their neighborhood. Although they still miss their old home, Kibby and Olive learn to love and accept their new home, realizing that home is where their family is.
Andrea Cassell’s book is a great teaching tool to help children cope with their feelings of fear and sadness during a major life change. Children will be able to relate to the dogs feeling fear of leaving the only home they have ever known and traveling far away, to a different place, where not only is the landscape different but even the language sounds different. This book also offers hope that although change is scary, accepting change takes time and you can be happy in a new place and love your new environment as much as your old one.
I highly recommend this book as a tool to help children deal with the stress of difficult life changes. It has an easy, steady flow that speaks to them on a level they can understand without losing their attention. I consider this a must read for any child having trouble coping with change.
Kara L. Zajac, Author, Top Mommy Blogger