What started out as a granddaughter’s love for her grandmother and a desire for the great-grandchildren to enjoy her recipes, became a way to share them with us all. Nahima’s Hands: Unique Mediterranean Cuisine is a compilation of recipes from Nahima Albert, Andrea Cassell’s Grandmother, as well as original recipes from Andrea, herself.

This book features Mediterranean dishes which are easy to prepare. You will find a variety of recipes from soups and salads to desserts and breads. You will even find a slow cooker section. Wine pairing is offered for several recipes making this book a complete family entertainment guide.

“In this day and age, cooking and entertaining in the home is a lost art that should be regained. You can’t capture the true sense of sharing the love with others like you can in your kitchen! These memories will last forever!

I extend my hands out to you, as Nahima would, through the love of cooking. It will give me great joy and pleasure to have you prepare these delicious recipes.

May you share the love of cooking with your hands!”

Sahtein (Enjoy!) Andrea