Andrea Cassell, Four-time Award Winning Author, was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Andrea is a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader 1972-1973, and a former Mrs. Kansas 1986. She graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Special Education, and also took graduate classes in Child Psychology at Wichita State University. Andrea has taught special education for over 30 years and is very passionate about special needs children!

Andrea’s proudest achievement has been raising her four children, who are now grown adults. Her grandchildren are her heart and soul.

Andrea's talents include:

Singing, as she is an accomplished vocalist and has performed all her life. She performed at the Miss USA pageant, sung jingles, voice overs, radio, and TV commercials.

She had her own TV segment called “ Cassell’s Corner” which aired once a week on KSCW CH 5/33 and KWCH TV ch 12 ( CBS affiliate).. The show touched on cooking tips, recipes, DIY projects, health & beauty, and much more.

She is the author of "Nahima's Hands Unique Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbook," and three Award- Winning children's  books, "Kibby the Space Dog", "Kibby Gets a Little Sister",  and  "Kibby and Olive Move to Georgia".   Recently, Andrea received another national award, the prestigious "Gold Pinnacle Award".    

An accomplished cook and loves entertaining, Andrea has taught cooking classes for several years at local stores. Food, family and friends are all a part of her life!

She currently lives in Georgia with her husband and precious miniature labradoodle dog, Kibby, who inspired her to write her children's book series.

In her spare time, Andrea paints with acrylics & oils. Her home, husband's office, parent's, and children's houses are adorned with her paintings. She enjoys gardening and doing DIY projects.

Andrea is a fervent believer in staying busy. She equates that with staying young! She is definitely a renaissance women re-charged at 66 years of age. She always likes a  challenge,  and her motto is "Never Stop Creating You". 

Kibby is a miniature Labradoodle. Born on St. Patrick’s Day, in Seneca, Kansas, he was adopted by Andrea and her husband, Joe,  at a leukemia/lymphoma auction.  It truly was the best decision of their lives.
Kibby loves to fetch the Frisbee with his dad. He loves treats, getting his ears rubbed and snuggling on the couch. He also loves popcorn and ice cream!!! Since he was born on St. Patrick’s Day, he wears a shamrock charm on his collar. Kibby loves children; he loves adults, and he loves other animals. When you meet Kibby, you will love him too!!!
While the books about Kibby are fiction, parts of them are real. Based on real life experiences, Kibby’s stories are heartwarming and inspiring. They can help children relate and learn how to adapt to their own life experiences,  "Children's life lessons as seen through a dog's eyes."
Kibby has visited many places in the United States. He has been to Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and now lives in Georgia. He loves to travel and meet new friends.   


Melanie Regier has been illustrating children's books since 2012.   She draws inspiration from the Kansas countryside, where she was born and raised.